Wednesday, November 25, 2009


सामने जो एक नाला है ना, गिर नहीं जाना उसमें, ठीक?

गिरने से क्या होगा?

अरे! गिरने से क्या होगा? एक हज़ार नौ सौ छिपकलियाँ एक के बाद एक नाले के कीचड़ से निकलेंगी, फिर पानी में तैरकर तुम्हारे ऊपर चढ़कर आस्ते आस्ते तुम्हारे मुंह तक पहुंचकर अपने तेज़ नुकीले दाँतों से ... चीखो मत!

मुझे घर जाना है।

क्या? क्यूँ?

मुझे घर जाना है!

पर घर तो नाले के उस पार है।

From ever so long ago. Horrible kid I must've been.


Anushka said...

Oh my god. Did you write ALL of this? And exactly How long back?

P.S.- Give both me and yourself credit. I just read through a Hindi post.

Safdar said...

vahut hi vadhiya zi.

vada maza aaya.

Prince of Mirkwood said...

I'm shocked to realise that I have nearly forgotten how to read Hindi. And to think 10 years of that torture would have at least some sort of scarring after-effect...

speedpost said...


Actuallt, now I am convinced you're the sinister monster watching ever so gently over the Tinies.

Raviratlami said...

बढ़िया कविता है.

Tangled up in blue... said...

wow!! and you wrote this when you were a kid? :)

I love the header so bloody much I'll be haunting this blog now.. ;)

Velocitygirl said...

*screams and runs away* Arre, yehi woh paagal hai jo mujhe raat mein bure sapne deti hai!!!!! :D

Sugar Magnolia said...

aaste-aaste? heh :D

wv: dorksing

Priyanka said...

@ deboleena: I wrote it that way, yup. Sad khichdi my hindi is.

@ vg: darna zaroori hai?

@ tuip: thank you! =D

@ Raviratlami: kavita nahi hai. but thank you =)

@ speedpost: Death carries an umbrella.

@ pom: you're privileged to be able to read the national language, angrezkabaccha.

@ safdar: vanakkam.

@ anushka: lots of credit to you. and i don't really remember, class six or seven maybe.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Did not read that last line :( Previous comment null and void, please.

अनिल कान्त : said...

kya baat hai
waah !!