Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Winter's here! Apples! There are apples everywhere. I ate five yesterday and paid dearly this morning but no matter. Apples today also, also oranges, soon. And grapes and papayas and aaaaaaaaaa I love winter fruit.

List, tentative:

Ok. First three nada, no money. Wok arbitrary, really, what's the need? Beowulf should've been top on the list, now that I think of it. Ok. I'm going to die of bad decision-making ability.

Replied to pending emails, deactivated Facebook account, started waking up early to take walks, I am Changing my Life! Clap clap. It's getting a little boring being this perfect, though, which is why I haven't cleaned my room yet. I refuse to. But since I've been Changing my Life there must be rewards, hence am working my way through unwatched movies.

Been cooking random stuff all week. Frittata and sausage rolls and coffee pudding, will be cooking some more. Cake possibly, but more likely spaghetti. Since all I'm doing at home is reading irrelevant stuff - reread Adrift on the Nile and a Dick Francis, not to mention a highly entertaining morning with an anniversary-special Femina, that magazine's hysterical - I think it's highly productive and head-clearing at the same time to cook, I don't have to think about the food while I'm making it. What I object to, however, is the folks thinking that this qualifies me to cook omelettes everyday. Everyday omelettes are not a joke. Omelettes are works of art and unless they're treated that way they'll be mean to you. Fact.

On second thought, this is a very pointless post. Wahoo.


Vikrant said...

daily blog is more fun to read.

And this small library near my house has a Raymond Chandler compilation thing with SIX Philip Marlowe novels. muhahahahaha.

Shrabasti Banerjee said...

Oma, you cook :) Also, why did you deactivate FB account?!

Prince of Mirkwood said...


Anushka said...

This is a beautiful post. I absolutely adore winter fruit too. And did someone mention coffee pudding?

Anonymous said...

Fruit is fruit. Doesn't matter if it's winter or summer. :D

Priyanka said...

@ vikrant: so lend na.

@ shrabasti: boredom. will be back pretty soon.

@ pom: maamlet du fromage :D

@ anushka: yup. coffee pudding. which sounds homier than mocha flambe or whatever.

@ anonymous: true. but winter fruit has APPLES!

speedpost said...

Adrift on the Nile. Hmph.

rapunzel. said...

Omelettes are important, yes. =)