Monday, November 16, 2009

It rained so it had better be cooler tomorrow. I'd give anything for a plate of greasy chowmein and chilli chicken right now. But no money to order. And only baingan ka bharta at home, the world's a depressing place tonight and drippy to boot. This sucks. I don't mind baingan ka bharta but it doesn't make rainy evenings feel special and I want rainy day food. I'm too lazy to walk out and get any and now that the motherboard's away there isn't any fried egg Maggi or khichri or besan pakoras, this sucks this sucks this sucks this sucks. I'm going to die tonight of unfulfilled rainy day food cravings.


Prince of Mirkwood said...

If I had a penny for everytime you've said you'd die and haven't, I'd be richer than if you actually did die...Unless you leave me something in your will..(*take hint take hint take hint*)

Velocitygirl said...

I WANT FRIED EGG MAGGI!!!!!!! I saw my Physics teacher eating idli with nice sambar and I nearly cried.

Priyanka said...

@ pom: Listen, ok, if only I had some chowmein for every time you made a grammatical error.
* take hint take hint*

@ vg: idli sambar is bleh. i had egg today but.

Velocitygirl said...

Mere ko chahiye.
Achcha khana.
I am so deprived aiyyo.

Prince of Mirkwood said...

*shows tongue*