Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh man. I hate Regina Spektor's new album so much it hurts. Mainly because I loved her earlier work so much it hurt. I hate it that the simplicity's gone and everything's now arranged and synthesized and very obviously melodic (melodious?), and there are no fun parts and no fun lyrics and she doesn't suddenly slam her fingers down on the piano in the middle of a song anymore. I used to like that discordant feel. And now there's nothing quirky, nothing startling. I'm not really a pop music hater but it's sad when everything starts becoming popsical. Music heartbreaks always hurt that way.


Sroyon said...

It's like Belle and Sebastian going (relatively) commercial and deciding to produce radio-friendly music in 2002. Dear Catastrophe Waitress, their first album after they 'sold out', had the immortal Piazza, New York Catcher, but they never quite recaptured the magic of the Jeepster years.
Your only recourse then is to derive consolation from the fact that you were a fan before they went commercial.

Tangled up in blue... said...

You know, at first I cudnt even believe it was her singing The Call, the music was so different. I havent heard the latest.

I am pinning all my hopes to PJ Harvey tho'

Priyanka said...

@ sroyon: I like Belle and Sebastian's early stuff more than the later too =( Maybe I'm meant to be neanderthal.
But this woman was something else, I tell you.

@ tuib: exactly. her voice's remained the same. it's just the atmosphere that sounds all blah.